Coming Full Circle

How do we live within a bio-cultural environment that connects us to our past, while leaving a legacy for our future? Our Lana’i forefathers understood that healthy land makes healthy people.

Before western contact, more than 6,000 people lived—sustainably, growing and catching all they needed from the land and ocean—on Lana’i.

Now, it’s our kuleana (responsibility) to continue their thoughtful stewardship, taking their teachings and putting them back into practice by building an informed community, culturally sensitive and compassionate leadership and a strong workforce for the future.

Our holistic vision brings Lana’i full circle in realizing that these were the correct ways to respect and care for our island home. Now, new investment, innovation and a long-term commitment are creating a viable future for new generations.

By turning Lana’i into a model for sustainable high-tech enterprise and supporting the locals in building small-scale eco-businesses, the island serves as a source of pride for our people—and a beacon of stewardship for others to emulate.

On Lana’i, Tutu Papa taught us

Ma ika‘ i ka hana a ka l ima , ‘ono no ka ‘ai ka waha.

When the hands do good work, the mouth has good food to eat.

Farming transformed

The roots of Lānaʻi’s agricultural heritage run deep. By working with local farmers and reintroducing organic farming methods, supported by drip irrigation and aquaponics, Lānaʻi aims to become a fully self-sustaining island once again.

Our ecosystem restored

When Axis deer were given as a gift to Hawaiʻi’s King Kamehameha V from Hong Kong back in the 1860s, no one foretold the devastating effects. Honoring the heritage of our people who hunt and fish for sustenance, we’re carefully restoring Lānaʻi’s delicate ecosystem with sensitivity.

By exploring the use of solar power generation, we’re harnessing what nature provides to fulfill the energy needs of the island—today and for the future.

Water is life

With no rivers, streams or lakes, Lānaʻi requires ingenuity in generating water—our most precious resource. By using a combination of rain catchment, recycling and efficiency initiatives, Lānaʻi is well on her way to providing a dependable water supply to the island that will benefit future generations.

Through the Waiaopae Fishpond Restoration Project, we’re restoring a vital piece of our sustainable heritage built by Hawaiian hands.

Our island sanctuary awaits your arrival.