Original Charm

Our central highlands are home to one town, Lānaʻi City, offering a rare window into the island’s prolific past. Founded in the early 1900s as a plantation town at the centerpiece of Lānaʻi’s booming pineapple industry, this storied settlement is home to just over 3,000 locals, newcomers and resident artists.

Located three miles north of the airport, Lānaʻi City is easily reached via our resorts’ own complimentary luxury shuttles, a leisurely drive or your own pedal power.

"We speak your name, we respect you and ask for your aloha back"

Breathe in the warmth of aloha

The small-town charms of Lānaʻi City are best explored on foot. Stroll the symmetrical streets, lined in colorful mom-and-pop shops, friendly cafés, fine art galleries and markets brimming with fresh-made island specialties. Marvel at the 1930’s landmark Lānaʻi Theater and Playhouse. Immerse in the revitalized Lānaʻi Cultural & Heritage Museum. Or pause for a picnic under the towering Norfolk pines of Dole Park in the grassy heart of town.

An edible invitation

Each summer, Lānaʻi City hosts the annual Lānaʻi Pineapple Festival, celebrating our rich agricultural history with this exotic fruit—a symbol of Hawaiian welcome, happiness and hospitality. During Lānaʻi’s heyday from the 1920s to the late 1980s, our tiny island supplied 75% of the world’s pineapple production.